Care Guide

How do you look after leather?

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Leather is a strong durable surface which will give many years of good service. Being a natural material it needs some basic knowledge to keep it in a good condition.

Today’s modern tanneries apply complex coatings onto the leathers to increase their stain and wear resistance. The concept of good leather care for your furniture is to maintain these coatings for as long as possible. When allowed to build up, grime, dust, body oils and food stains act to breakdown the tannery coatings which accelerate the deterioration of the leather.

Facts about Leather Maintenance

Fact 1. The clear protective top coat must be protected from jeans studs, pockets and zips. They cause FRICTION DAMAGE to edges, seams and seats.  Oils and fats (from the head and hands) often plasticise the protective coating and INCREASE friction damage.

Fact 2. The top coat must be protected from clothing dyes which can transfer (especially when damp) to the leather, resulting in permanent damage that only a professional can remove. In testing it was found oils and fats INCREASED dye penetration.

Fact 3. Leather should be conditioned on a minimum of three or four times a year to keep it soft and to prevent shrinkage and cracking.

Observe the following points and your leather will give you years of enjoyment.

  • Avoid placing your leather in direct sunlight. Consider getting your windows tinted to prevent sun damage or fading.
  • If possible rotate the use of your furniture and cushions to avoid unbalanced wear and fading.
  • Dust and vacuum your furniture regularly.
  • Wipe off stains and spills immediately with a soft damp cloth.
  • Never use nail varnish /remover, felt or ink pens, paints or solvents on leather.
  • Avoid sharp objects. Pet claws, buckles and rings can scratch the leather surface.
  • Never use general household cleaning products as they can be abrasive, breaking down the protective surface and cause cracking and shrinkage.
  • To keep leather soft, avoid over-wetting. As with leather shoes, stiffening occurs with soaking.
  • The colour on the surface is protected by the tanner’s Top Coat, a clear coating. It is matt or silk-glossy. Fats and oils can soak in and damage this clear coating
  • Fats, oils and beeswax are for waterproofing and polishing shoes, saddles and outside equipment. NOT FOR TOP-COATED modern leather furniture.

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