Keep your leather looking new.

How to Clean, Condition and protect your Leather Lounge Suite

It is recommended that once a month you dust or vacuum your leather furniture with the vacuum cleaner brush attachment to remove dry crumbs, dust and grit.

Then wipe with a damp dyefast cloth to remove any light soiling.

Please note that you should always vacuum first, or the dampness from the cloth, mixed with dust, can combine to form a film that will clog the pores of the leather, preventing it from breathing.

Applying Colourlock Leather Cleaner:

Clean the leather regularly (every three months) using Colourlock leather cleaner, concentrating on the arms, headrests and cushion areas. Pour the cleaner onto a clean white lint free cloth (an old sheet or pillow case is fine).You can also pour a little directly onto the leather, then using a circular motion gently wipe over the leather, avoiding over-wetting. Dry with towel if necessary. If your leather has more ingrained heavy soiling, use the cleaner in conjunction with a soft bristled (horse hair) brush, using a circular motion, to loosen the soiling from deep in the leather pores. Then wipe with a soft clean white towel to absorb and remove soiling.

(Do not use brush on two colour, antique or wypa leathers)

After cleaning always apply Colourlock Fadeguard Leather Conditioner

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