Leather Conditioning

How to clean, restore & protect your leather
Learn to care for your leather.

Fadegard Leather Conditioner is a lotion with a range of ultraviolet filters, in conjunction with synthetic conditioning and moisturising agents. With regular use, the suppleness of leathers is retained, fading of colour is significantly reduced and damage due to surface friction is minimised.

Applying Colourlock Fadegard Leather Conditioner:

  1. Simply pour a small amount of Fadegard Leather Conditioner onto a dye fast cloth and wipe over the leather furniture.
  2. Leave for approx 30 mins to enable the Fadegard Leather Conditioner to soak into the leather surface, releasing the conditioning agents while leaving the ultraviolet filters on the surface.
  3. If a white residue remains on the surface of the leather, use a clean damp cloth to remove excess conditioner.

Recommended usage;

It is recommended that you use Fadegard Leather Conditioner on your leather furniture every 3 months. Common sense should prevail-Lounge suites that have heavy usage, will require more regular servicing than suites that have light usage.

Leather furniture exposed to prolonged sun will require more frequent applications of Fadegard on exposed panels.

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