Leather Care and Cleaning problems every homeowner can avoid.

November 11, 2015

Owning leather furniture is a great way to add a touch of luxury and class to any living area. Like any expensive investment, you need to know how to clean and care for the leather properly, if’ you want it to maintain its character and beauty for years to come. However, some homeowners often commit mistakes that damage their leather furniture, including: Leaving News print or other printed materials on Furniture Your leather furniture is a comfortable place to read magazines or newspapers. But avoid leaving them lying face down on the couch. (Especially if the leather is a light...

A Look at the Bi-Cast Leather Controversy.

August 27, 2015

The possibility that the furniture industry is trying to pull a fast one with certain marketing claims has long been considered by many consumers. The issue is not so much the quality of the construction of furniture, but the materials used to make it. Specifically, there seems to be a growing selection of “leather” products that are often leather in name only. Defining the Problem Imagine this situation: while furniture shopping, you come across a leather sofa at a really good price. Wary of a deal that seems too good to be true, you ask the salesperson what the catch...

Its time to give your leather lounge suite a birthday, using Colourlock leathercare products.

August 5, 2015

Whether its your lounge suite or your car, the experts recommend to clean, protect and condition your leather regularly, every 3-4 months. Leather is a type of skin, just like our skin, and how often do we wash and moisturize our face’s and body’s? If we don’t, dirt, oils and soiling build up, damaging the protective layer and top coats of the leather. Cleaning is especially important on headrest and arm rest areas, which get a lot of body contact. eg. the favorite TV chair, or drivers car seat. Then we need to condition or moisturize the leather, otherwise, just...

European Leather Care 25 years old this October !

October 21, 2014

A big thank you to all our clients and customers for your valued custom over the last 25 years ! From small beginings, working out of a tin garden shed in Lower Hutt, back in 1989, to our busy workshop here in Petone today. Its been a fun and very busy ride !  Lets hope the next 25 years are as much fun, with great clients, and interesting projects. So thanks again, from the team at European Leather Care Ltd.

Colourlock Leather Care products – the History.

October 18, 2013

The Colourlock story started in a small shed in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1993, when a New Zealand leather technician patented recepies for  some leather care products. One leather conditioner called ‘Fadegard’, contained UV filters to protect against the harsh southern hemisphere sun, Hence the name ‘Colourlock’ as in – ‘locking in the colour’, was born. In 1995. The largest furniture manufacturer in the world, IKEA, tested some of these products and decided they liked them, The rest they say, is history. In 1995, the core product company shifted focus to central Germany to setup a factory, with Lederzentrum Gmbh,...

Another busy year ahead for 2013.

January 15, 2013

Welcome to 2013 ! Which is shapeing up to be another very busy year for us here at ELC.  We've got lots of exciting projects coming up, so its all hands to the pumps ! We've all had a nice relaxing break with our families, so now its back into it. In conjunction with Colourlock Leather Care Products - the best leather care products in the world today, we look forward to servicing your valuable leather in the coming year ahead. Remember our opening hours are - Mon - Thurs  8 - 5 pm Friday 8 - 4pm For clothing...

Merry Xmas to all –

December 14, 2012

From the team here at European Leather Care - Jason, Alex, Barbs, Craig and Chris, have a fantastic Xmas, safe and happy holidays. Thank you to all our agents, retail, corporate and private customers for your support throughout 2012. Looking forward to a successful and prosperous 2013. We close Thursday 20th Dec and reopen Monday 14th January 2013. Merry Xmas.