Protecting and Preserving Leather



Colourlock Leather Shield Protector places a nano- barrier on the leather surface, protecting against dirt, soiling and dyes from transfering to the leather. This makes it easier to clean and gives a smooth silky feel.
If used regularly, this unique revolutionary product will significantly extend the life of your leather.
Colourlock Leather Shield Protector has a permeable membrane that allows the leather to breathe – allowing air, water vapour and conditioning oils to penetrate.
Always apply Colourlock Leather Shield Protector directly after cleaning.
Apply directly onto a lint free cloth and wipe over the leather surfaces, mainly concentrating on the seat tops, pipeing, arms and headrest areas on furniture.
In cars the front seats and entry areas/bolster panels require the most attention (high contact areas). This will protect against dye transfer and friction damage.
If you have just purchased white or light coloured leather, apply Colourlock Leather Shield Protector as soon as possible and then on on a monthly basis, especially on high wear areas, to protect against soiling and dye transfer.
For darker coloured leather use Colourlock Leather Shield Protector every three months, to prevent premature wear and discolouration.

Elephant Leather Preserver

See the video, recently featured in Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery Channel


Elephant Leather Preserver is practically odourless and easy to apply. A technologically advanced product that is ideal for protecting and waterproofing bags, shoes, motorcycle-leathers, harnesses and for restoring antique or brittle leather. Applying Colourlock Elephant Leather Preserver: Elephant Leather Preserver is applied to natural leather with a soft, clean cloth. Using a circular motion, work the elephant Leather Preserver into the article. To enhance the penetration of the ‘Elephant’ into the leather article, it is recommended that the item be slightly warmed before and after applications. (Items may be placed into a warm place away from direct heat for this purpose)


  • Waterproofs and protects semi-aniline leather (expensive bags, garments, shoes, boat shoes).
  • Very effective in preventing salt damage to leather. (Used by Peter Blake and Team New Zealand).
  • Revives faded colours.
  • Preserves leather and threads. (Used by museums in conservation and preservation).
  • Inhibits mildew growth.

Note – not for use on suede or nubuk leather.  

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