Removing Ink and Dye

Colourlock Dye and Ink Remover offers a simple and cost effective method of removing biro ink marks, felt pen, and other difficult stains. The product works best when the ink marks are fresh (less than 2 weeks old), as with time the ink marks and stains become fixed.

Colourlock Dye and Ink Remover is also excellent for removing glue, shoe cream, grease and clothing dyes from finished, pigmented leathers.


  • Shake pen and pump tip on clean cloth.
  • Take out and reverse tip, then pump again to enable flow.
  • ALWAYS test first on an unseen area before proceeding.
  • Rub affected area gently with tip until stain loosens, then immediately absorb with soft dry cloth. Do not allow liquid to be absorbed. Do not over rub area.
  • Repeat as necessary until stain removed.
  • To clean pen tip, pump several times onto clean cloth. Pen tip will self clean.
  • If ink does not move after 2/3 attempts, STOP and consult a leather proffesional. Continued use may remove leather colour.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Pleasant clean smell.
  • Solvent free.

Note: Colourlock Dye and Ink Remover is designed for use on finished/top coated leather. DO NOT USE on aniline, suede or nubuk leather finishes. DO NOT USE if the surface of the leather is breaking up, wearing or cracking.

For seriously cracked or damaged leather requiring professional attention, contact us for service.

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