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meet the D.I.Y Team! Jase and Al from LEATHER TIME!

 Check out “Al ” and “Jase” in the all new do it yourself leather care guide.Follow them as they teach you all you ever needed to know about D.I.Y complete Leather Care in this brand new webisode series. Discover how easy it is to bring that old couch back to life, make that car interior new again.

Episode One

Introducing the very first episode “Leather Time- D.I.Y Leather care guide”. from the brand new webisode series. In the very first episode “Al” and “Jase” take you through all the steps on how to completly bring back to life your leather car interior.

Episode Two

Watch ‘Jase’ and ‘Al” in this new episode on D.I.Y leather care tips. This time: How to clean, restore and protect your leather lounge suite.
From the “Leather Time: DIY Leather care series.