Elephant Leather Preserver 105ml

Price: $21.00

Elephant Leather Preserver is a multi purpose clear leather balm used internationally in many applications.

  • Excellent for the removal of scratches and fingernail marks on waxed, oiled or pullup leather furniture. Feeds ,nourishes and revives faded colours and dyes.
  • Excellent waterproofer for bike jackets and leathers. Nappa dress jackets, skirts ,trousers etc. Softens, conditions, preserves, also inhibits mildew and prevents thread-rot.
  • Waterproofs, softens, preserves and inhibits mildew and thread rot. Also revives dull, faded colours. Ideal for tramping boots, sports boots and all leather articles exposed to wet weather or the marine environment.
  • Excellent restorer/softener of hardened and dried-out older car leather , great for convertibles.
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rickyeham@att.netOctober 6, 2013 at 10:43 amReply

I have a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail with new leather saddlebags I just purchased.I envested $700.00 in them, and Im thinking your your product would be an excellent choice for protecting them.Please advise. With utmost regards: Ricky E. Ham Im referring to the Elephant balm.

Alex BogackiOctober 7, 2013 at 10:27 amReply

Hi Ricky, yes the ELP would be an excellent product for maintaining your saddlebags in an optimum condition. It will keep the colours looking good, plus waterproof the leather. Great product !