Colourlock Leather Care products – the History.

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The Colourlock story started in a small shed in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1993, when a New Zealand leather technician patented recepies for  some leather care products.

One leather conditioner called ‘Fadegard’, contained UV filters to protect against the harsh southern hemisphere sun, Hence the name ‘Colourlock’ as in – ‘locking in the colour’, was born.

In 1995. The largest furniture manufacturer in the world, IKEA, tested some of these products and decided they liked them, The rest they say, is history.

In 1995, the core product company shifted focus to central Germany to setup a factory, with Lederzentrum Gmbh, and be located close to major potential customers.

Working in close colaboration with several automobile manufacturers, and using available new technologies, new products were developed.

In 2003 the products were approved by Mercedes factories.

In 2007 Volkswagen began selling the products worldwide under its own branding.

In 2008 BMW, and Audi tested and approved the products for use on their vehicles.

Today, Colourlock products are sold in over 64 countries worldwide, and are used by most major car brands in Europe, as well as most major manufacturers of leather furniture. and clothing in Europe.

Some of the companies using Colourlock products in Europe –

BMW   Mercedes , Daimler .

Used in Lamborgini, Bugatti, Maybach, McLaren and Aston Martin seat production.

Used by Recaro in Porche and Audi seat production.

Audi, Bentley and VW Phaeton use Leather Shield.

Volkswagen and Skoda use Leather Shield and Cleaner.

SwissVax, exclusive Swiss car-care maker and official supplier of Rolls Royce care products use Leather Shield and cleaner.

Lufthansa Technik uses Leather Shield and cleaner to service multiple airlines.

IKEA use Leather Fadegard conditioner.

Over 600  McDonalds , McCafe’s and Burger King’s in Europe use Leather Shield.

Many International airports including Charles de Gaul ,Orly Paris, and The Rocks Wellington use Leather Shield and cleaner..

Sold throughout Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Why Colourlock ?

Colourlock products were developed by scientists and leather technicians (German and Kiwi)   for use by other leather repair and restoration experts, to use in their workshops around Europe and the rest of the world.

Colourlock reps travel around teaching and advising other leather experts on how to use the products , traveling to the car factories or running teaching courses, in the headquarters based in Gottingen, central Germany.

The products sold to the general public are the same products used by the professionals.

It is for this reason that the Colourlock range of products are some of the best available in the world today, and are at the forefront of the Leather Care Industry.

Here at  European Leather Care Ltd, we exclusively use and recommend Colourlock products on all of our cleaning, repair and restoration projects, and have done for many years.

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